All Campground guests must abide by the Campground Rules listed below.

The Owner reserves all rights in the event that any guest violates the Campground Rules, including, without limitation, the right to hold guests liable for damages, and to remove any guests, at the sole discretion of the Owner.

In general: Thank you in advance for the respectful treatment of our forest, its inhabitants, and your Cabin/Campsite. We treat Havenroot as a nature preserve. Humans are part of nature, not just visitors. People, trees, flowers, deer, beavers, turtles, tree frogs, and every living thing share an equal right to exist. We trust you will conduct yourselves in the spirit of this ethic.

Throughout your visit, please be aware of your surroundings and stay on the trails.

Steer around:

          Poison oak ("leaves of three, let it be")

          Rough-skinned newts (their skin is poisonous, so wash your hands with soap if you touch them)

          Wasps/hornets and their nests/hives

          Thorny vines and bushes

Havenroot Health Guidelines: Havenroot follows all county and state health guidance. During this time of COVID-19 risk, guests (and staff) are expected to respect the 6 foot distance rule and limitations for group gathering size, wear face coverings around strangers when required, and wash hands or sanitize often in shared spaces, until such rules are rescinded.

Respectfulness: Please respect all our guests and neighbors.

          Daytime sound maximums:

               o     No loud ‘Deep Bass’ is allowed. (sound that can travel through structure walls).

          Overall sound levels are guided as follows:

               o     Amplified sound (music, etc.) should not be audible from inside the Staff house at the front of the property. Havenroot staff will enforce this rule. Refusal to comply can result in ending the rental agreement.

               o     Havenroot is a ‘quiet camp’ from 11PM to 8AM everyday. No amplified sounds (amplified music, etc.) are allowed at these times.

          Havenroot respects copyrighted media. No pre-recorded or live performances of copyrighted art (music, etc.) may be presented to any group at Havenroot unless a copy of a valid license is given to Havenroot staff prior to any such performance or use. Original music/art performed by the author is presumed to be exempt.

No motorized vehicles except in designated roads or parking areas. We do not permit ‘off-roading’ in the Campground. The speed limit is 15mph. Be mindful of excessive vehicle noise and the presence of children on or near roads.

Construction: Please keep clear of any construction areas. Repair and renovation is nearly a continual process for an outdoor venue.

Your Garbage/Recycling:  Please do not litter our forest. Deposit your garbage in the canisters provided around the Campground for garbage and recyclables. The guest is responsible for their own site cleanup and is expected to leave the site in at least as good a condition as they found it upon arrival. Additionally, we ask that you please leave the cabin reasonably tidy when you depart, and don't forget your personal belongings!

Be very careful about campfires and smoking. There may be local burn bans in place. We adhere to all local burn rules. If you must smoke, do so only near designated fire pits, and please dispose of cigarette butts properly - No Littering. Fires are allowable only in the provided rings and grills and only when county burn conditions permit. Check with Havenroot staff if unsure. Do make sure that when leaving any campfire, it is drowned, stirred, then drowned again. Never leave a campfire unattended. Firewood is available for purchase from Havenroot staff, or you may bring your own. Please do not collect deadwood from the forest as it is a necessary part of the natural ecological cycle of a healthy forest.

Pool: Our pool is usually open from May to October for our guests. All persons in your party who wish to use the pool must receive a pool pass and a usage time as availability may be limited. Our pool rules are posted at the pool and will be strictly enforced. Although Solar Heated, the water may be chilly in the early and late season.


Pool Safety:

1. Swimming is strictly prohibited if there is thunder and/or lightning in the vicinity.

2. No food, drinks, bottles, gum-chewing or cigarette/cigar smoking is permitted on the pool edges or in the pool.

3. No glass containers in the pool, deck, or pool buildings.

4. No diving or jumping from the edge of the pool.

5. No running or rough play in or near the pool area.

6. Parents must assume responsibility for their children.

7. Children under fifteen (15) must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older). Children ages 15 – 17 must be proficient swimmers in order to swim without being accompanied by an adult (18 years or older). 
Disruptive behavior in any manner will result in pool privileges being revoked.

Pool Sanitation Issues:

1. No pets are allowed in the pool area. 
(Exceptions are service animals only, and even then not in the pool itself.)

2. No diapers except special swim diapers are allowed in the pool.

Canoeing: Canoes can be rented, and life vests must be worn during their use.

Zip Line and Low-Ropes Challenge Course: May only be used with trained Havenroot personnel supervision.

Firearms:  No discharging of firearms, air rifles, BB guns, bows and arrows, crossbows, or slingshots, permitted at any time in the Campground, with the only exception being target archery in the designated archery range with qualified Havenroot staff supervision. No Fireworks will be allowed at any time.

Pets:  We are a pet friendly resort. Please keep your pet on a leash at all times and clean up after them.  Do not leave pets unattended.  Pets are not allowed inside the pool area, office, or Healer’s Cabin. Aggressive pets are not welcome. There is a $10 fee for not cleaning up after your pet.

Take care and enjoy your time at Havenroot!

If you have any questions, helpful feedback or concerns, please call a number below:

Call Jordan @ (541) 991-9281 for general questions, feedback or comfort concerns.

Call Zyla @ (541) 510-1021 for cleaning and sanitation concerns.

Call Chris @ (541) 214-5171 for maintenance issues.

Call Greg @ (541) 991-9090 if you can’t reach any of those above.